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Saint Francis of Assisi Painting


Saint Francis is the patron saint of ecology, animals and merchants. 

Saint Francis of Assisi: A Life Devoted to Humility and Compassion

St. Francis of Assisi, born in 1181, is one of the most beloved and widely recognized saints in the world, and for good reason. He dedicated his life to serving the poor, caring for the sick, and spreading a message of humility, compassion, and kindness towards all creatures. His legacy continues to inspire people across the globe to this day. 

The early life of Saint Francis was marked by his privileged upbringing in a wealthy family. He had dreams of becoming a knight, but after a series of illnesses and a brief period spent as a prisoner of war, he experienced a spiritual awakening that changed the course of his life. He renounced all of his worldly possessions and dedicated his life to serving God and helping others. He began preaching in the streets, calling for a revival of the Church and a return to the teachings of Jesus.

One of the hallmarks of Saint Francis's teachings was his message of peace and reconciliation. He envisioned a world where people of all faiths and backgrounds could come together in harmony, rejecting violence and embracing love. He famously traveled to Egypt to meet with the Sultan Al-Kamil during the Fifth Crusade, with the goal of resolving the conflict through dialogue rather than war. Although he was not successful in stopping the fighting, his bold and compassionate approach earned him respect and admiration from both Christians and Muslims.

Saint Francis is also known for his love of nature and animals. He believed that all creatures were created by God and deserved respect and care. He would often preach to the birds and other animals, seeing them as fellow creations of God. Today, many churches celebrate the feast day of Saint Francis by holding a blessing of the animals, where people bring their pets and other animals to be blessed and recognized as beloved members of the community.

Another important aspect of Saint Francis's legacy is his commitment to the poor and marginalized. He would often give away his own clothing and food to those in need, and he established a religious order (the Franciscans) that was dedicated to serving the poor and working for social justice. His example inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps.

The life and teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi continue to inspire and challenge us today. His message of peace, love, and compassion speaks to the deepest parts of our humanity, reminding us of our shared responsibility to care for one another and for the world around us; we can all learn from his example of humility, selflessness, and love.

As Saint Francis famously said, "Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words." May we all strive to live out his message in our own lives, being a light in the darkness and a force for good in the world.

20"H x 16"L x 2"W

Acrylic and oil on wood. 


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