Paw Paw Honey


*Coming soon! Fall 2020 :)


Explore the exotic flavour of the Paw Paw, a fruit with a native range that extends into the Carolinian forests of southern Ontario, Canada, that we call home.

Our Paw Paw Honey is the culmination of the summer’s radiant energy concentrated into a syrupy woodland ambrosia with notes of butterscotch, banana and black pepper. Taste the magical terroir of the Carolinian forest in this rare and divine nectar.  

To make this special product, paw paws from our farm are harvested at their peak ripeness in late fall and are then dehydrated and infused into certified organic 100% virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and blended into raw wildflower honey. 

Our family has an apiary located a few miles down the road from us and has produced the perfect light and airy honey to compliment the tropical notes of the paw paw. Nectar sources for this honey include clover, catnip, anise hyssop, bee balm and basswood. 

Enjoy the fruits of our family farms and the exotic terroir of southwestern Ontario, Canada. 

Limited Edition of 100.


Mix into tea, coffee or smoothies or enjoy by the spoonful! 

Ingredients: raw wildflower honey, coconut oil  (organic, 100% virgin, cold-pressed), paw paw fruit. 



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