This patch represents your commitment to a healthier planet. For every patch sold, a native tree will be planted at our Nature Sanctuary here in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

Since 2014 we have regenerated over 50 acres of farmland into native habitat. The immediate benefits to the environment over this short time have been confirmed by multiple scientific studies conducted at our farm which show increases in pollinator health and diversity, improved water and air quality, increased carbon sequestration and increased observations of a diversity of wildlife including several species at risk.

By purchasing this patch you are directly helping us to further expand our conservation efforts and improve the environment for future generations. Wear this patch proudly as a symbol of positivity, optimism for a greener future, and the power of community!

To learn more about our program please visit: HERB FARM & NATURE SANCTUARY


3" x 3" IRON-ON PATCH attached to a double sided 4x6 note card. 

Add this patch to your favourite tote, jacket or piece of clothing!


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