HOLY BASIL Botanical Extract

Formulated to promote peaceful ascension, this special limited edition botanical extract features single origin holy basil grown by Druids and alchemized by Old Believers.

A complex flavour profile with notes of blueberries, basil and cloves, add a dose of plant magic to your favourite food or beverage and commune with the goddess daily.

To create this elixir of ascension, we’ve partnered with Dr. Richard Vuksinic, ND. of  Enriched Roots and Old Believers Botanicals. Richard takes our single origin holy basil and blends his experience as a naturopathic doctor and his ancient cultural roots to create herbal extracts intended to engage your senses and enhance your connection to nature.

Each batch of handcrafted extracts is created with ritual intention, deep connection and faithful care.


For more information on the Old Believers of Slovenia check out this article written by Sonja Sarovec (a shamanic practitioner based in Ljubljana Slovenia).


Recommended usage: 1 full dropper per cup in sparkling water, smoothies, tea or your favourite beverage. Can also be consumed on its own. Relax, sit back and feel the power of this sacred plant!


To create this limited edition botanical extract we use natural spring water, local raw wildflower honey, organic cane alcohol and Holy Basil grown using permaculture and beyond-organic practices at The New New Age farm.

Ingredients: Holy Basil, spring water, organic cane alcohol, wild flower honey.

100 ml

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