THE NEW NEW AGE is committed to providing the highest quality medicinal, culinary and tonic herbs on the planet for the benefit of both human and environmental health, wellbeing, and resilience. 

We take great care to ensure that all of the products we offer are comprised of only the highest quality, whole food ingredients that have been either permaculturally grown, certified organic, or ethically wildcrafted and never exposed to harmful chemicals or irradiation of any kind. 

THE NEW NEW AGE was founded by Katie and Stephen Hotchkiss in 2012 in Los Angeles, CA as a Public Benefit Corporation with a core purpose of serving both human and environmental health. In 2014 the company moved to Stephen's family farm in rural southwestern Ontario, Canada to better serve the company's intersectional core purpose by growing healing herbs in an ecologically regenerative manner.

To date, we have regenerated over 50 acres of farmland to native Carolinian habitat with a particular emphasis on edible and medicinal plant species. 

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photography by Andrew Mackie

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