Inspired by the loving hands of Mary Magdalene and the mystic visions of St Hildegard, this holistic restorative draws on ancient traditions that promote surrender, deep rest, purification, and sensual connection to the Divine. 

Unwind in the beautiful, secluded surroundings of our herb farm and nature sanctuary while enjoying a transformative holistic facial treatment and carefully curated seasonal herbal high tea.

To book your session, please send us an email with a request for your ideal date and time and we will follow up to confirm your booking. 



Our holistic facial is designed to meet your unique skincare needs while utilizing the vibrant healing power of freshly harvested botanicals.

Each session begins with a consultation and stroll through the gardens to pick the specific herbs suited to your unique skin type and needs.

The facial begins with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, and steam to open up your pores and prepare your skin for a customized organic facial mask that is tailored to your specific skin type and needs, using the highest quality fresh ingredients harvested from our farm and forests, all working in harmony to provide restoration, resilience, relief and rejuvenation. 

The powerful facial mask uses specially blended natural ingredients to hydrate, purify, and revitalize your skin. The mask is left on to infuse and nurture while it detoxifies, nourishes and heals the skin.


Our holistic facial includes a relaxing massage that stimulates blood flow, collagen production, and lymphatic drainage to promote healthy, radiant skin. The massage focuses on key pressure points to relieve tension in your face, head and neck and promote relaxation. As you are anointed with expertly crafted botanically infused oils and serums, your skin and spirit will feel nourished, rejuvenated and uplifted.

Depending on your skin type and condition we may use techniques such as Gua Sha, facial cupping, acupressure, red light therapy, or herbal compresses.


A sound bath of sacred music together with the pleasing aroma of holy incense massages the senses and touches where the hands cannot. 


Accompanying the holistic facial is an herbal high tea devotion featuring an assortment of exquisitely curated, deeply nourishing, seasonal farm fresh delights inspired by St Hildegard, that will leave you satiated, nourished, and in awe of the greening power of all creation. 

EDANE TOBIAS, certified esthetician + massage therapist

All facials are performed by Edane Tobias, a certified esthetician specializing in holistic skin care, facial rejuvenation, craniosacral, and shiatsu massage. 

Inspired by the healing aspects of divine sensuality as it applies to the medium of the physical senses, Edane utilizes individualized applications of sound, sight, smell, touch and taste to achieve ultimate restoration of balance, harmony, radiance for her clients. 

Throughout her career, Edane has developed a holistic approach to health, wellness and beauty in which a full spectrum analysis is considered to identify imbalances in order to craft individualized healing formulas and regimens that restore harmony within the body, mind and spirit. 

Skin Care Specialist, International Beauty Institute
Skincare Formulation, School of

Natural Skincare
Facial Rejuvenation, Eight Branches College of Eastern Medicine
Shiatsu Massage, Shiatsu School of Canada
Craniosacral Therapy, The Cranial Therapy Centre



After purchasing a ticket, you will be sent an email with directions. 

We are happy to accommodate any special dietary considerations, please include your preferences on a note with your purchase. 

If you would like to attend with a friend, simply note this in your initial booking request. 


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