AUSPICIOUS VIBRATIONS // holy basil tonic


Holy Basil blended with a variety of basil varieties makes for a delightful, restorative, balancing and adaptogenic tea. 

Holy Basil has been revered for millennia as an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi and is believed to bring harmony, happiness, peace and prosperity, to those who worship her.

A premiere adaptogen, Tulsi may regulate hormones such as cortisol and therefore is thought to have an anti-stress, balancing influence on the body and mind. Combined with sweet basil, lime basil, and anise basil this is a truly uplifting, restorative herbal blend.

TASTING/ SENSORY NOTES: light, floral, sweet basil, uplifting

Ingredients: Ocimum spp. (Sweet Basil, Holy Basil, Anise Basil, Lime Basil)

All ingredients are permaculturally grown on our farm. 

BULK UNIT: The 170g unit comes in a bulk bag.

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